Bhanu Dudhat


Bhanu and Prabha worked jointly, they earned fame as Art family
Dudhat Art Gallery was formed, in 1993, by the veteran Indian traditional artist and 'KalaGuru' Shri.Bhanu Dudhat, with a vision to encourage, support and promotes the Indian visual art culture. Dudhat Art Gallery was created to incorporate the existing philanthropic works of the founder, and to provide a permanent independent body for the expansion of various visual art activities. According to its role, Dudhat Art Gallery encourages, support and provide the opportunities for the exceptionally talented artists in the field of visual arts.

We are continuously striving towards establishing Dudhat Art Gallery, a great art centre, which shall host regular art events such as State and National exhibitions, art camps and residency programs, various scholarships and award events to encourage and support a numerous promising art enthusiasts.

The major objective of the Gallery is to identify and promote exceptionally talented artists in the field of Visual Arts, from various regions, and support them to develop their special skills and talents to the maximum by awarding, organizing various art events such as seminars, national and international art festivals and exhibitions involving scholars and educationists, State Academies or Art Organizations like faculties of visual arts in universities, art colleges and schools, art museums, art galleries and other art associations.

Dudhat Art Gallery, besides nurturing Indian visual arts by supporting the growth and creativity of visual artists, is also committed to create a larger awareness of traditional, modern and contemporary visual arts in India and across.

The Gallery also emphasizes to foster cultural contacts within the country and also with other countries, through various art events, exchange of personals, art objects, art collaborations, etc.

Artist Bhanu Dudhat, age 64 years does not see himself as an artist, but as someone who strives to preserve India’s rich culture and glorious history. His artworks are a testimony to this fact, and more, as they depict with stark clarity several events of mythological and religious significance. At the age of five, temple walls were his canvas, where he used to make portraits of national leaders as well as Gods. His talent and creations grew in stellar proportions over the years. The artist is exhibited his latest works ‘Ramayana Scroll Painting’- 12th Oct, 2015 to 20th Oct, 2015 at Rangoli Metro Art Center, Bengaluru.

“Initially, it was the thrill of seeing every painting takes shape. Later, my aim was to create works that were unprecedented in terms of concept as well as magnitude. I realized that Indian epics, religious texts as well as historical events would be the best artistic inspiration,”

His educational qualifications and contributions, exhibitions and collections are plenty and have been lauded world over. Highlight of his career as an artist is the scroll painting work he undertook first in 1985, in order to widen his horizons and translate his ideas into real work. “I always felt that an artist’s creations should be of use to the society in terms of information and insights. That is why I started to create scroll paintings of the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Bible, history of India — how our country has shrunk due to centuries of wars and annexations,” he said as he sat in his home with all the massive paintings. From a 1200m scroll painting based on the Mahabharata that he started in 1987 and completed in 1991, to several others, Dudhat continues this work till date.


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